Competition Details 2019-20

Internal Competitions -

5 of a kind- (DPI) These may be 5 different images all of one theme or a composite of 5 images on one theme. e.g. 5 doors. These are judged by us, the audience, with a show of hands. Each image set is projected in turn until all have been seen. Then they are re-shown and we vote - 2 hands, 1 hand or no hands up. The hand counts are totalled up at the end to find the winners.


There are four points competitions judged by an external visiting judge and each one counts towards your total for End of Year trophies.

You start the club as an Intermediate member for competitions no matter what your past experience.  Any Intermediate gaining an end of year trophy becomes an advanced member.

End of Year competitions - judged externally.

Print of Year - may be any from your year's portfolio. enter up to two.

DPI of Year - as above

Nora Davis 'image of Cornwall' -DPI. enter up to two

Monochrome print - from year's portfolio - enter up to two.

In each Points Competition, members may enter :

ONE print for each set subject
ONE  general print
ONE DPI for the set subject
TWO general DPI



must be backed or mounted on a fairly stiff mount 40cm x 50cm maximum
They may be window framed or adhered to surface.

If window framed they must be thoroughly secured at the rear using a backing card and suitable tape.
Sellotape and masking tape are not recommended as they  can peel  and stick to other entries

Label on reverse side with membership number, title and set or general. Place the label bottom left.
Do not put your name there!!

Please submit a digital jpg copy of your print if you wish any winning entry to appear on the website gallery.
size as for DPI’s below

Name the file membership number_title_gen or set_PRINT

e.g.  120-My amazing landscape_gen_PRINT

Digital Projected Images (DPI) (Must be jpg’s)

Landscape: 1600 x 1200 pixels max
Portrait: 1200 pixels high
Naming the files:
membership number_title_general or set

e.g  120-My ugly cat-general.

Images are judged out of 20 and winners are awarded Highly Commended, 3rd, 2nd, 1st.
The points accumulate towards end of year awards as follows:
Highest total General Prints: President’s Trophy.
Highest total Set Subject Prints: Bert Wilcock Trophy.

Highest total General DPI: Chairman’s Trophy.
Highest total Set Subject Prints: Ken Farnell Memorial Trophy.

If you are intermediate :
The highest intermediate scores for each of the above get awarded A salver.

Additionally there is a Print of the Year cup and DPI of Year Cup, and Nora Davis Image of Cornwall Rose Bowl.


Competition 1: 'Leading Lines' 

Competition 2: 'Patterns in Architecture'

Competition 3: 'Textures in monochrome'

Competition 4: 'Through the trees'

Details of entry and judging dates are to be found on the calendar.

CPA Nature and Wildlife comp.

  • Section A: Nature can be animals or plants anywhere except domestic – zoos etc

  • Section B: Wildlife must be actually in the wild, not domesticated.

  • Image size 1600 x 1200 digital only.

  • Maximum of 6 images

  • Cost 50p per image.

  • Naming convention: N for nature, W for wildlife
    e.g. N3-Monkey in the zoo- Joe Bloggs-Falmouth CC
           W3- Gorilla in the mist- Janet Smith – Falmouth CC

  • Closing Date for entries to me 19th Sept 2019 at the very latest

  • Competition Date Saturday Nov 9th 2019

  • Venue: Carnon Downs Village Hall

  • All entries to me before the closing date on memory stick/ email attachment or dropbox.

  • My email is

  • Money to be collected by me (Gerry)