Procedure for Internal Competitions


  • Nearer the competition you will receive a request to upload your files to the website.

  • Follow the correct file naming and size in pixels (px):

    • Landscape: 1600 px by 1200 px

    • Portrait 1200px high

    • Membership-number_’Title’_category.jpg

    • E.g 134_’My three wonderful dogs’_3-of-kind.jpg

  • Upload your files when ready to the forum in the appropriately named forum post in the Category 'Internal Competitions'

  • Do not vote immediately – but wait for more entries to go in.

  • Now vote by clicking on your 4 preferred images. (Use the little heart – it is similar to the ‘like’ button on facebook)

  • Please do not vote for your own images and do not use more than 4 votes. (We trust you here!!)

  • At each deadline date I will total the votes and declare the winners.

Ted Pimlott

  • This will be carried out as if it were an external competition. It will be judged by Karin as last year’s winner.

  • The set subject for this is 'Song' - this includes titles and lyrics and could be classical, pop, hymns etc

See Competitions Tab for more details from Karin. 


FCC comp sec
Summer 2020